Free Craftsy Class

 … just in case you’re interested.  😉 

Not sure how long this offer will last — click here for it; I heard it was in support of Stitches West Fibre Festival.  In any event, go get one before this offer expires!  😀

Although I have no intention of being a pattern designer in the truest sense of the phrase,  I hope eventually one day to do some kind of design, if only for myself, so I got this oneGo get yours!


Okay, I’ll Write Things Down …

I’m not good at writing in my journal.  The writings sometimes reveal too much and a lot of times, I find it difficult to re-read my thoughts.  We’ll get into why another time.   For 2013 though, I’ve decided to put on my big girl panties and get up close and personal with the things I need to deal with creatively and personally.  😳

Sometime during 2012, I found this blog.   The name intrigued me so I stayed awhile, reading, absorbing, agreeing, browsing some more,  then downloading the free guided journal pages she offered.  I love the title of the journal and I like the fact that while there are serious questions, these pages also allow celebration of the fun, quirky, creative, every day aspects of life.  I also like the guided aspect of the compilation; it gives me a jump-start to some of the questions I need to answer and some of the goals I need to set for myself.

So I downloaded, and downloaded until eventually I had all of the pages of her first set of journal pages.

Guided Journal

Initially, only the cover page had quirky colour — pages 1 – 10 didn’t; I’m glad she added that.  The colour makes me smile; makes me happy.

Because she sells the journal on her Etsy site, I’m not going to share my already printed and put together journal.  Instead, I’m going to let you go and download the pages yourself.  In appreciation of you and this incredibly gracious woman.

Me … I’m about to get off the internet and go write things down.  It’s time for me to start filling in some of my blanks.