Don’t Sweat The Technique: Weaving In Ends

Whether you’re crocheting or knitting, weaving in ends is part of the job.  Part of the job that many crafters don’t like but hey … why battle against the wind?  If you want your finished product to look it’s best, weaving in ends is a necessary evil.   In my mind, I don’t have to like it but I must do it well if I want my finished object (F.O.) to shine.

For the crocheters among us, especially newbies like me, here are two videos I found today that teaches the technique of weaving in ends as you go along rather than at the end of the project.

Happy weaving!!!!

And for all the ole skool rap lovers out there ( I miss real rap) — here’s some Eric B & Rakim to help you as you get this technique and weave in your ends!  😀