Giving Thanks & A Giveaway!!!!


The events last week and the subsequent damage caused in my neck of the woods has put me in an even more thankful mood than I usually am in.  All that happened was a poignant reminder for me — basically “in all things, give thanks.”  

That said, as I give thanks for all my blessings, I am sincerely thankful for the role and impact the crafting community has had and continues to have in my life.  In a small show of appreciation, I thought it was time for me to host a little giveaway.  😀

Back story to the prizes starts with my insatiable love for reading, and for bargain book hunting.  In the midst of all the bargain hunting and swapping with my reader crafty friends, I ended up with two copies of each of the prizes!  Rather than list them on Ebay or some such place like that, I’ve decided to offer them to you!  One set of prizes for the crochet crafters and one for the knitting crafters.  The yarn is an added bonus.  Both skeins from my ridiculously large stash!  😀 

Awrighty then,  let’s get to it!  😀

The Crochet Prize!  Winner Takes All!

The Knitting Prize!  Winner Takes All!

I know sometimes to enter these giveaways, a person has to jump through all kinds of hoops.  For this one, no hoops allowed!   Everyone who enters has 1 chance to wineven those without FB or Twitter can enter too!  😛    If you’re on WP and wish to reblog, or you want to tweet about the giveaway, that’s fine but not necessary.  The more entrants the merrier is what I say but doing so wouldn’t give you any additional chances.  😉 

All you have to do is leave a comment (with email or Ravelry ID so I can contact you) on this post, naming one thing you’re thankful for and what prize interests you.  For the bi-lingual crafters (those who crochet and knit), if you don’t choose, I guess I’ll have to 😛   The other official rules are below:

Giveaway Rules:

  • These prizes are being funded by yours truly.  That’ll be me!!! 😀   Although I’ve added links so posters can see product reviews, I’m not endorsing purchases from or Knit Simple Magazine as an affiliate or associate.  No purchase is necessary from those sites to enter.
  • Participation is by choice.  Participants must be 18 years or older to enter.
  • I was going to make the giveaway available to only US & Canadian participants, but ….. naaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!!  This giveaway is open to anyone worldwide. 😀
  • The giveaway starts on November 4th 2012 as soon as this post goes live and will end Thanksgiving Day — Thursday 22nd November 2012, 11:59 pm EST.
  • Winners will be selected by random drawing and announced before 11:59 pm EST on Black Friday — Friday 23rd November 2012
  • If the winners do not contact me with their mailing addresses  by November 27th 2012, I’ll do another random drawing and pick new winners.

Good luck everyone!!!  😀

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