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The home to everyone is to him his castle and fortress, as well for his defense against injury and violence, as for his repose ~ Edward Coke

My babies needed a safe home, and they needed one badly.  Everyone does … don’t they?

My Knitpros, my rosewoods, my flexi-grip hooks, my lace hooks and my speed stix — they were just being bounced around, from place to place.  From a plastic bag, to a too-small pencil case, to errr … nothing.  It was a shame that they had no “fortress”; they had no place to call home.  So I “made” them one. 

I was home again today, still recuperating from this last whooper of a migraine and I was glad that I had a place to rest today.   So why not make one for them?  I didn’t want to sleep anymore; I needed a quick project that could be an even quicker F.O. (finished object) to relax some more.  I didn’t want to crochet or knit a case so this yarn wrapped pretty was just the ticket.

The colour palette was inspired by my Knitpro hooks and project just took off from there.  Armed with a glue gun, yarn, a random strip of tulle, a button and a storage jar, my babies home went from:

to this:

I made sure to use a jar that was short enough so the hook sizes are not hidden because the jar is too tall.  With this, I could read the hook size on the handle of all the hooks in the jar.  Yes, pretty storage is a must but so is practicality.  Hunting for the sizes — no bueno! 

The back doesn’t look as tidy with all the glue residue, but I’ll leave it overnight then clip the residue off with a nail clipper or trim it with my tiny scissors.

Tip: For anyone who tries this project, if a wide mouth jar is used, to have your hooks stand up well, trim and glue to the inside of the jar a trimmed to size Styrofoam cup.  Once the cup is securely fastened in the jar, place the hooks in the Styrofoam cup — no-one would be the wiser.  😉

ETA: 8.4.2012 — craft glue is better to use than a hot glue gun.  It dries cleaner.

Don’t they look happy in their new “castle”?!!!!

ETA: I’m joining Tami’s for F.O. Friday with this post … hop over to her site and be inspired. 

Happy Friday!  😀