First Yeast Bread

So, I’ve been trying to make bread like my mother’s FOREVER!!!!!  There are some things I can do in the kitchen better than she can but for that good ole soul loving cooking — that lady is AHMAZING!!!   Where bread is concerned,  I’m inching CLOSER!!!!!!  😀 

Today I tried a no-knead bread  recipe from Steamy Kitchen and O.M.G!!!!  Although I hadn’t left it to rise for the 12 hours required ( I did 8), I got the most amazing bread.   A wonderfully crisp crust with an amazingly soft inside!    I’m not going to lie, not kneading it means that you have to wait hours for it to rise, but the end result is awesome!

Next go round, I’m going to add 7 seeds so I can get a more grainy and fibrous bread!

I was so excited, I couldn’t wait to get a decent picture of it, so forgive me. 

Here’s my bread:

First Bread

Just ignore the sections I already ate!  LOLOL!!!  😀