Meet Olga ♥

It took a while but she’s up and I’m trying to get running!  Meet Olga … my newest toy.  I’m already in love so I’m going to act like all new parents and bombard y’all with “newborn” pictures.  😀 (ignore the books in the background — yeah … I read alot! 😀 )

IMG_4367 IMG_4369 IMG_4398 IMG_4416 IMG_4418Obviously, I couldn’t wait until daylight to get better pictures but y’all know how it is … this is pure excitement for me!  I didn’t get to paint her, but the butterflies will do for now.  Kinda symbolic of the metamorphosis from fibre to yarn to perfect project.

I’ve practiced treadling, drafting and feeding the fiber so far.  Sometimes it works out but I still have serious tension issues; experienced spinners would be able to tell that from the squiggles in the last picture.  But I’m gamed.  Eventually, I’ll work all that out.  Any tips, tricks and/or resources sent my way will be greatly appreciated.

Despite all that, I’m sooooooooo excited!  Can you tell?  It’ll be interesting to see what my spinning in the next 6 months looks like.

Sometimes You Just Have To Go With The Flow …

Long blog entry title but short, effective lesson really …

I’m a planner.  I will plan down to the last detail, consider every angle, then get frustrated when things don’t work the way I thought they would.  I’m growing to accept that I can’t control every thing and it’s okay to let go.

I wanted to finish putting up Olga (my spinning wheel) this weekend.  I finished her (finally), laid every thing out, started, was making great progress then came to the home stretch.  Was about to close in on the home stretch only to find out that I misplaced a barrel nut.  The small but very necessary part I need to complete the set-up.  It’s amazing how small things (changes) can affect outcome — either positively or negatively.  But that right there is another story.

I could cry, throw a tantrum, behave like I don’t have any sense but that wouldn’t help me.  No it wouldn’t.  I might feel better momentarily, but behaving that way isn’t going to make the setup complete.

If I don’t find the nut, I’ll go to the hardware store tomorrow to find a replacement.  Hopefully I find the size I need, then I’ll finish Olga tomorrow night.  But for today, I’m taking a deep breath,  I’m accepting that even with the best of intentions, even with care, planning and preparation, things can go awry.  So today, I’m choosing to just go with the flow.

Almost DoneUpdate: Half hour after publishing this post, I found the barrel nut.  It was literally right in front of me.  An orifice that needed one nut had two in it, that’s why I couldn’t find it on the floor anywhere.  This going with the flow thing absolutely has its merits.  Upward and onward with Olga now.  And more importantly, great lesson learned.