Rhinebeck 2013: Beautiful Day

IMG_3527We couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful day!  After a rainy, cloudy Saturday the sun came out in a glorious, splendid way and it was wonderful.

In addition to meeting the knitting icon who is Clara Parkes (I had a total fan girl moment), to playing my own game of “Name That Pattern” while I watched the display of gorgeous hand-knits from knitters young and old, to learning tips and tricks — new and old from seasoned knitters, to oooohing over the deliciously fuzzy angora bunny, then watching children leading alpacas through the fairgrounds, my trip to Rhinebeck today was a much needed re-charge from urban life.  The air was crisp and cool, Fall was evident in the foliage — perfection!!!  Let’s not talk about my early morning trip from Brooklyn that got me to the train station just before boarding — I was traumatized so let’s leave that alone!  LOLOL!

This year, I stuck to my plan — I had a budget and a list; I stayed in that budget even bringing home $2.00 at the end of the day.  LOLOL!  I did that and even got some extras.  While there was sooooooooo much to tempt, with my stash the size it is, I needed to get only what was necessary and that’s what I did.  My mindset is moving to the place of “even if I want it, I don’t have to have it now” where yarn is concerned.  I have more than enough to keep me busy for a few years … but more about that later.  I know what you really want to see is the loot — so here it is!!!!


First up are stitch-markers.  I have to confess that this is one accessory I can never have too much of.  They’re just so pretty!!!  😀

I really wanted to get this yarn bowl and I’m glad I planned to this year.  The vendor is retiring and 2013 will be her last year at Rhinebeck.  She told me that she’s going fishing and visiting her grand-babies.  😀   Happy retirement Lady!!!  From her, I made out with a bowl that’s beautiful and functional.  I love the attached caddy that I put stitchmarkers, needles, and my pair of scissors in.

IMG_3549Next up is some roving I bought to practice my spindling and wheel spinning.  I chose BFL and Romney because the fibres are longer and easier for a beginner like me to work with.  I can’t wait to use them.  The vendor packed 8oz in each bag and I got them for very good prices.  Score!!!   This was a maybe on my list, so I’m extra happy that I was able to get them.

IMG_3543The only yarn I bought: Shepherd’s Wool in Christmas Red and Berries.  These might become hats for my co-workers but I have to re-think that since only one of them will be committed to hand-washing hers.

After that, I picked up some cards from a vendor made by Unravelled.   According to them, they make cards for the yarn obsessed and that’s no lie.  They were all beautiful, so much so, it was hard to decide which five I was going to take.


IMG_3537And of course, I got some wine.  If the samples were anything to go by, I’d say that this is another score!  The white’s for me and the Cab’s for my co-worker Tracie (belated birthday gift).  It felt good to support local wineries.

And there you have it!  My most modest haul since attending Rhinebeck.  It was what I needed with some extras on the side.

The only other thing I bought, in addition to enjoying the weather, and the atmosphere, was this decadent tray of cheese chili fries.  Not exactly the most healthy fare but it was worth every dime!!!

IMG_3532I’ve already made of my mind to skip Rhinebeck next year — the size of my stash dictates it — but if you go, have a blast!!!!  It’s definitely a wonderful experience!