♥ Weekending ♥

Three day weekends are always awesome for me.  This weekend, five things I’m excited about:

  • Goodfellas.  I think I used to be a mob-wife in another life.  I just don’t get my fascination with these and boxing movies.  Must get it from my dad.  😀
  • Good ole West Indian brunch — saltfish, ackee with spinach over sweet potatoes.  The only thing American about this is that I’ll be using my mandolin slicer to cut the potato into fries.  😛



My mother gave me a spinning wheel for my birthday last year.  Ask me how much I’ve spun.  The answer: nothing!  Why?  I was so enamored with all the colourfully decorated Kiwis in the Ashford Kiwi forum on Ravelry, I inadvertently delayed my learning because I wanted my wheel to look like some of those fancy duddy ones on the forum.  Three months later, I still haven’t painted it but time is moving along and I need to stop comparing my baby with others.   Painted or not, she’s already perfect.  What’s more, I don’t need her (Olga) to be decorated in order to spin.  Maybe some other time I’ll paint her, but for now, she’s uniquely mine and just as perfect as the painted one.  So this weekend, she’s going up.   I’m staining her with natural wax today then I’ll put her up tomorrow.

OlgaAlthough this lesson became obvious because of my spinning wheel, how many times have we all compared our selves and resources to others and come up short?  Robbing ourselves of the joy in being uniquely us.  Here’s to lessening the incidents of comparison that debilitate instead of inspiring us.

Hope you each had a good week and here’s to an awesome weekend.  😀