Spinderella: Corkscrews

Yes … for any of you who know the rap group Salt n Pepa … I’m stealing DJ Spinderella’s name.  Once you see it, you know the post is a spinning post; I wonder if she’ll sue me for the use of her name?  😀

So … now that’s been made clear … let’s talk corkscrews … at least for those of you who spin …

Larkspur II

So I added another braid of fiber to my Tour De Fleece 2015 list.  It’s colorway Larkspur from Robin at October House Fiber Arts.  This spin has definitely been a learning experience but more on that later.

The spin was going fine until I got almost to the end, then I started to get these corkscrew things.  A quick drive-by of Ravelry showed it could be the fact that since the bobbin was getting heavier, I needed to increase my brake band tension for a quicker uptake.  Some people said not to worry about it as plying will sort this out, but I’m not plying this single.  I’m hoping when I wash and thwack it the corkscrews would relax.  Some people also said that they got these things until they were more proficient at spinning;  I know it’s only been two weeks for me but since I’m pretty much learning on my own, I need y’all to help me please.  😀

But in the mean time … this spin is done.  I finished it on Saturday and left the bobbin to rest  until Monday and will post later this week what it looks like.

That’s it for now crafty friends … and I promise, you wouldn’t only be getting spinning posts.  I promise.  😀

In the mean time … here’s a throwback Salt n Pepa video … one of the lesser known ones but with a great message … thank me later … 😉