This week involved crazy weather, having to fire a thief,  not so fun times and fun times.  Net total = great week!  😀

This week, I got:

  • more lessons on taking personal responsibility and how not to act as a professional.
  • a very nice conversation on the bus with a random stranger.  It was a great reminder that there are still good people in the world.
  • my ankle returning to normal size.
  • a visit from my aunty who always brings me goodies when she comes over.  I haven’t seen her since Christmas, so it was good to hang out with her yesterday.  My uncle (her brother) just came from our home in the Caribbean and brought goodies.  Yummmm!!!  So in addition to her treats, I got some good yummies sent by my dad and grandfather!!!  Breakfast this morning = awesome!!!!  😀
  • More yarny goodies in the mail.  These were the culprits of my second sheep fall off.  MadTosh DK Twist. Lurvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvve that line of MadTosh.  Although I fell off the sheep, I still count my cold-sheeping journey as a win so far.  This was my first “me” yarn purchase in 6 months (fibre doesn’t count).  I’m trying to be more conscious and deliberate with my purchases and I think I’m doing great!

  • IMG_2640DK Twist in Pink Neon.  Got enough to make Sizzle or High Street Modifications for the Fall 2013 (g.w.)

IMG_2644Whichever pattern I use the Neon Pink for, I’ll use Ex-boyfriend for the next.

IMG_2646Lepidoptra.  To make a shawl for my Mummsy.  😀

IMG_2650Them all together.  The yellow one is Gilded.  I have some of this from before, but I got some extra to make a full-sized sweater.

Hope you all had a lovely week and despite what “real-life” can be like, I hope you found some things that made you grateful and happy.  😀