The Gift That Never Was!

Oye … see what had happened was ….

I needed to make my friend a gift and I know she loves hand-made soap.   I know some knitters find making dish-cloths and face-cloths useless, but what’s a better combo as great gift for a handmade soap lover than some handmade soap (made by my co-worker) and face-cloths made with love?  But that’s a story for later …

Like I said … what had happened was … I had some yarn, that felt like cotton, stored in my cotton stash.  It looked like a duck, felt like a duck so I took it for a duck.  🙄

And so I started … and it was amazing!   I was clucking along, her initial started to emerge

And I was happy.

On and on I went, but my excitement started to get a little niggling doubt.  The more I knit, the less cotton-like my mystery wool felt.  Aye vey!   But like a true trooper … upward and onward I said!!!! 

Finally it was done and looking nice … but not feeling so nice, but again … upward and onward I said!!!!   I actually had the nerve to block it!!!  Oye!!!

Ain’t it pretty?!!!!

It even behaved for the photo-shoot! 🙄

Then what did that mystery yarn turned out to be?  SUPERWASH MERINO!!!!!!  I found the yarn band tucked waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay in the back of my yarn storage unit!  I just can’t explain why I didn’t stop when the yarn started not to feel like cotton.  I just don’t know why! Call it a rookie mistake!  Call it intentional ignoring!  I don’t know what it was …

Certainly NOT what I want anyone to use on their face!!!!  So whomp, whomp .. 😦 

The gift that never was is either going to be a dusting cloth or just kept as a lesson learned.

So there you have it … the story of the gift that never made it!  

Sorry B …  😦  At least she got the soap!!!  😀

Project Details

  • Pattern: Knitted B Dishcloth
  • Designer: Rhonda White
  • Yarn Used:  Mystery yarn that turned out to be Nashua Superwash Merino 🙄
  • Modifications: None
  • Rating: Easy.  Beginner skill level. 
  • Additional Comments:  Will make again.