Word For The Year: 2015

I don’t have to go over in detail what 2014 was for me; if you’ve read this blog, even occasionally, you’ll know that 2014 kicked my “youknowwhat”.  Although I’m coming to terms with the facts that — even in difficult moments, God is present and that every experience is an opportunity for growth, I’m not going to lie — I’m glad to see 2014 gone!   That said, for the last couple of weeks in that year, the word that’s been laid on my heart for 2015 is: investment.   At first, I wasn’t sure what it would mean for me, but as I thought about it more, some things became clearer.

By definition, it means:

[in-vest-muh nt]
  • the investing of money or capital in order to gain profitable returns, as interest, income, or appreciation in value.
  • a particular instance or mode of investing.
  • a thing invested in, as a business, a quantity of shares of stock, etc.
  • a devoting, using, or giving of time, talent, emotional energy, etc., as for a purpose or to achieve something:
  • Biology. any covering, coating, outer layer, or integument, as of an animal or vegetable.


As I read the underlined reference, I realised why this word was chosen for me.  I never thought of my life as an investment portfolio.  There were/are things that I’m intentional about and other things … not so much.  But to think of my life as one would think of a financial investment portfolio — something to be studied, something to devote to, something to devote effort to in order to intentionally yield “profitable returns” or “appreciation in value”; I’d never thought of it in these terms before.   What this means is even more intentional living, less griping, more maturity, being consistent in my “appreciation of life” efforts.  Real talk is — crap happens, but it doesn’t have to crush me.  Rather, each “stock crash” should be an opportunity to evaluate, mourn the loss, then re-invest.

As I thought about the word more over the holidays, while browsing the net, I found this:

2015 Investment

Could my word for 2015 be anymore clearer?   Partnering perfectly with mindfulness and last year’s goal of moderation, for 2015 I will invest in:

  • my creativity
  • my finances (being unemployed has really opened my eyes to what I do with pension investments and I need to do more to make my money work even harder for me)
  • my health (always on going)
  • my profession (whatever that is moving forward)
  • my relationships
  • the resources I already own — yarn stash intervention anyone?  😀

In short, 2015 will be about “devoting, using, or giving of time, talent, emotional energy”  to my total well-being.  Not selfishly or without sacrifice,  not striving for perfection, but with the intent and purpose of authentic living.

What about you?  How has the departed year been for you?  What are your goals for 2015?

Here’s to 2015 being all we need and more!