When Words Fail

It’s an ordinary morning,

You get up,

You eat,

You get ready for the day.

Bye mom.

Bye baby.

Have a good day at school.

Did you remember to pack your homework?

Did you do your homework?

eye roll … “yes mom, I did my homework, it’s in my bag.”

Will you put that phone away?

Stop texting your friend and finish your breakfast!

Oh my goodness, you’re running late, the school bus is almost at the corner.

Bye mom!

Running down the front yard …

Bye baby, love you.  See you later!

Love you too mom!

Stop texting and look where you’re crossing!

The day goes on …

Five hours later …

A call …

Mr So & So, Mrs So & So, Ms So & So,

There’s been a shooting at the school …

We regret to inform you that …

20 children (between the ages of 5 – 10) dead; 6 adults who cared for these children — dead; the gunman — dead …

An ordinary day, with a not so ordinary ending …

The world mourns with us today.  Words fail me.   I can’t describe how I feel, how my family feels, although we didn’t know any of those children.  The tragic loss of life, for no apparent reason, around the holidays — indescribable.  Today, we pray for you Connecticut.   There’s really nothing else we can do.

Connecticut Remembrance