Hurricane Sandy In Pictures

By now I think everyone’s aware of the devastation that Sandy reeked on the Big Apple.  My thoughts and prayers go out to my fellow NYers and I’m beyond grateful that my neighborhood didn’t sustain as much damage.  Sure, I’m cut off from going to my permanent office because the subways are still shut down but I’ll go to one of our smaller sites and work from there tomorrow thru Thursday then maybe for a half day on Friday.  I got video that I need to clean up but in the meantime, here are pictures of my neighborhood before, during and after Sandy.  Honestly, I’m glad for the story my pictures tell since other neighborhoods weren’t as fortunate as mine.


Ominous Grey Skies

(with a view of the top of the Empire State Building from my living room window)

Sweeping Rains


It’s Raining Leaves!


The sun’s trying to peek out

Freshly Washed Streets

Even The Birds Came Out

Errr …. Does This Mean I Get To Play With Yarn?

So I’ve been tracking Hurricane Sandy since Saturday so I could enable the contingency plan for the staff at my job.  Based on the size and movement of this system, if nothing changes, we North Easterners have a doozy on our hands!   Being from the Tropics, this is “normal” for me since we prepare every year for hurricanes and tropical storms between April 1 – October 31st.  My fear is not of the system itself, it’s for the foolish “storm chasers” who go outside to capture extraordinary video and picture footage then get hurt.  It’s for the people who are told to evacuate, but they ignore directives for whatever reasons.  It’s for the homeless and people who don’t have anywhere to go to wait these types of systems out and it’s for the people who don’t prepare because they don’t believe something’s gonna happen.  Property can be replaced but life … it can’t!

My “at home” hurricane center is ready.  I prepared for Irene, I’ve prepared many times when I didn’t live in the US, so I’m ready.  I’m home today and will possibly be home tomorrow, so … while I wait and I while I still have power … does this mean I get to play with yarn?  You betcha tuckus it does. 😀   I think I’m going to use the time to start my Christmas spa packages.

Hope you all in the path of the storm are prepared.  Be safe, and be well.  

Here’s my first amateur video I shot with my camera a few minutes ago of  current conditions in Brick City, Brooklyn.  The trees are bowing and the system is not even here yet.  That muffled sound is the howling wind!

Catch you all later!