In Support of Decency

You start out giving your hat, then you give your coat, then your shirt, then your skin and finally your soul ~ Charles de Gaulle

I think we can all agree that decency is getting a bad wrap these days. The world feels harsh, angry and intolerant. Some of the most basic courtesies have been thrown out the window in the name of individualism and strength.

I work with someone who is like that — individualistic, often mistaking bullying for strength. It’s okay for me to say that he despises me because he does but honestly I don’t let that drive me crazy … anymore. I’m leaving him to wrestle with his feelings and work out why he does the things he does.

We were in a meeting recently and he made a proposal that everyone in the meeting disagreed with. He got more than an earful from the other participants of the meeting but I remained quiet. I disagreed as well but I thought he was getting more than enough heaping of dissent and didn’t think my adding to the chorus was going to add anything new or decisive to the conversation. I’m not sure what possessed him but when I went into the office 2 days after the remote meeting, he’d left 2 bottles of wine at the door of my office. I could have left them there but that definitely would not help an already tenuous relationship. In return, I’ve decided to give him a physical hat, a proverbial coat, shirt, skin and use what is in my soul.

Don’t be mistaken, I’m not a saint by any stretch of the imagination but as a woman of faith and for the sake of behaving in ways consistent with my upbringing, in this case, I decided to forgo the way I really wanted to respond in favor of doing the right thing. So as a thank you for the wine, I’m knitting him a hat. I’m about half way through and wondering if I’m going to be playing yarn chicken with this (help me Lord … LOL!). I aim to get it done this weekend so when I go to the office next week, I can leave it for him as a surprise. He likes taking winter walks, so this hat should be a good companion for him.

  • Pattern: Ribbed Watchman’s Hat (this link leads to Ravelry. Please note that the new interface has caused accessibility issues for some users).
  • Yarn: MadelineTosh Chunky in colorway Tart (yarn base discontinued)

The color is hard to photograph so take my word for it when I tell you the colorway is amazingly richer in person. The yarn base is divine so this knit has been an absolute pleasure so far. Is it just me or does everyone else love to see the stacks to ribbing pile up? Just so very lovely!!!

Hope you all are well, warm and safe. I can’t wait to see what everyone is up to this week.

Joining the YOP (Year of Project) blogging crafters for another Sunday (week 6) of crafting and blogging. ❤

And So It Begins …

a level of recovery from some of the dings of 2020.

I was already moving back towards crafting outside of spinning and joining the Unraveled Wednesdays blog hop has really been helping me accomplish that. In addition to connecting with a new group of lovely crafters, the structure helps keep me on track with starting and finishing the craft goals on my Sigma 21 list (found here).

As per the list, my Sigma 1 entry is a crochet throw. I started this previously, was almost at the end but decided I wanted to make it wider. So what you’re seeing now is version 2.0 of this make. The pattern is pretty easy and I thought it would go faster since the yarn being used is bulky, but not such thing! LOL!

I’m really loving the texture on this and can’t wait to get this done, tasseled and on my bed. If I stay monogamous to it, I can finish it in another week, however, as a cheating crafter (LOL) I have other items I want to finish by the end of this month.

2020 was “interesting” aside from COVID. I was diagnosed with an ailment in 2019 that took almost all my time and energy in 2020. I honestly could not have made it through the year without a few special people in my life. Now that I’m crafting more, I want to do something for each of them. Just a small thing to show how much I really appreciate them being extra support when I needed it most. In light of that, I’m starting on my Hope Holders makes (also part of my Sigma 21 project list). First up are the hats. I’ve wound the yarn, stashed them all in one Hatopolooza basket and casting on my first one later today. The goal is to get the ones (4 of them) for the Executive team at my job done and mailed out by the end of the month. I’m not the fastest knitter, you could truly say that I’m one of the slowest, but I think I can get these done in the given time-frame.


I’m done the Raybearer book and give it 5 stars! Even if you’re not a fan of the YA genre, this is a book you’d enjoy. I was told that the second book in the series drops in August, I can’t wait!!!

February is designated Black History Month in the US so in celebration of that, I’ll be reading books from only black authors this month. You can find more details on the origins of Black History month here.

First up is a book I received as a gift from one of my cousins from noted author Ta-Nehisi Coates — The Water Dancer. This is his debut novel, its gotten rave reviews so I’m really looking forward to delving into it.

That’s pretty much all from me from this end. Heading outside a bit later to check out the snow levels in my neighborhood. In my neck of the woods we got around 15 to 18 inches and there’s more on the way for Sunday. I’m a snow baby who’s working remotely so I’m loving it all.

Wherever you are, be well, stay warm and if you’re heading outside, for the sake of yourself and people like me, please wear a mask. ❤

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