Well, Well, Well …

According to my mother “wonders never cease but daily increase” .   Today I went to work, minding my own business, doing my own thing and pow … my supervisor calls me into her office.  She and I have a love hate relationship (right now we’re on love 😀 ) so I wasn’t sure what she wanted.  Then she hands me this paper bag with something inside.

What … a B. Makowsky handbag!!!!  😯   The taupe version of the satchel above.  Now although I like fashion, I’m not up on all the designers and the like out there and I hate trendy.  I go into stores, I know what I like and if I can afford it … I get it.

Apparently, her rich Jewish friend gifted her two of these puppies and she thought I could rock the taupe one better than she could.  So tonight I bring my “gift” home and decide to look up the designer.  This dang bag retails for $300.00 at Nordstroms.

Knock me over with a feather …  despite how much she frustrates the crap out of me sometimes, she likes me, she really, really likes me … and even if she doesn’t … I’m only gonna say … “thank ya very much” while I rock this bad boy for the summer.  😛     It ain’t a pay raise but it’s a nice addition to my wardrobe at the price I LOVE …. FREEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!  😛