Puppy Love

At some point, I decided that Christmas 2011 was going to be a handmade Christmas.  Then I decided not, then I decided yes.  Dizzying isn’t it — the back and forth?  Yesterday I blamed the rain for my renewed interest in knitting.  Today it’s the fact that I need to de-stress and also because my hand is feeling better. 😀 At this point, I don’t even care why.  I’m just glad I could knit 68 rows of stockinette stitching without agonizing pain.

Why specifically 68 rows of stockinette?  Because 68 rows of stockinette 6 times gives me one of these:

click here for image source and pattern

I’ll get one of these delightfully cute braided balls which when completed is going to be a Christmas gift for my amazing canine friend Cinnamon aka The Cinnabunny.  See the absolute adorableness? 

How could I not give my snookums a handmade Christmas gift?   She’s my friend’s shitshu and I love her just like she was my own.  Who would have thought that puppy love would have influenced my first WIP in months (although I’ve tried to start others and failed miserably)?

As I put it together I’m going to add a bell like the one below to it so as she chases it, it’ll be loud and jingly. 😛  

Yes, I am the aunty of canine and human sweetie-pies fully in support of loud noise making toys. 😛  (If I become a parent, y’all can get back at me then).  😀

Here’s my “Puppy Love” wip:

The First Strip

The Yarn for the Other Strips

It’s been a while since I participated in WIP Wednesdays at Tami’s, but as always I’m going to say, after you’re done messing around here, head over to her blog for other inspirational WIPs from the fabulous ladies participating in the series.