Small Project, Big Learning

I live in a vibrant, multi-cultural, urban neighbourhood but it sits between a hospital, a police station and the firehouse.Β  While I don’t mind the hot handsome eye candy from the firehouse πŸ˜‰Β  sometimes it can get loud.Β  I can’t handle noise much more the extreme noise of the sirens so I had to adjust.Β  Enter, stage left, earplugs!Β  They have been my saving grace for as long as I’ve been living in the apt and I can’t imagine life without them.

Fall nesting had me doing a little re-decorating of my bedroom and those brown earplugs did NOT fit the decor.Β  LOLOL!Β  So I decided to make a little pouch for them.Β  My crafting mojo is roaring back so I chose to not take the easy way out and just make a fabric bag, I decided to go for gold this time.Β  I decided to tackle my old nemesis — LACE!!!!Β Β  I remembered there were little lace pouches in the first knitting book I ever got — The Knitter Bible by Claire Crompton — so that’s where I started.

There was no fancy planning, other than the straight horse-shoe lace pattern, the only mods I did was to add a few rows of garter before the start of the lace to help me with seaming; that mod worked beautifully.Β  Other than that, I used some random yarn I got from my local Saveathon store eons ago and size 4 needles.Β Β  I think the yarn has some wool content because it blocked beautifully without me having to kill the acrylic yarn to get it blocked.Β  I hand-stitched a fabric pouch for the inside and used a piece of ribbon I recycled from an old gift box to cinch the top by threading it through the holes created by the pattern.

Now all I see is a lovely little pouch instead of those brown ear-plugs.Β Β  Small project, big returns!!! πŸ™‚

I’m so happy with the result, I’ve started my second project — The Silverleaf Shawl —Β  but that’s for another post. πŸ˜‰