Finally, Flax

Y’all must be tired of this now — the endless swatches, the yarn agony, the inability to meet gauge after washing a million swatches — it’s okay, y’all can tell me the truth.  I know you want to say “just start already!!!”   I feel exactly the same way and now, beginning is finally here.   😀

I should have started this sweater 3.5 weeks ago since it’s my Harry Potter Knitting & Crochet House Cup project.  Yeah … I signed myself up for that.  The thing is, the submission date for completion is July 31st.   You got it!  I have 37 days to knit like the wind and finish this sweater.  Flax … the bane of my sweater making existence.   But you’re so pretty … I can’t break up with you even after this kind of swatching abuse.  😛    It didn’t help that my surgery recuperation did NOT turn out the way I thought it would so I lost more time than I expected.  Le sigh.

Distract yourselves from my crazy “I’mgonnadothisinamonth” talk by the pretty shades (magenta and pacific) of Cascade 220.  Pray for me!  And yourselves, cause this is all I’ll be taking about crafting wise for the next 37 days.  Yeah … get use to it!  😀

Flax Finally

At least I have the yarn caked.  Whose going to give me points for that?  😛

WIP Conundrum

Okay, so I have a problem.  I kinda know what I want to do but your input would be nice.   It’s my mood blanket.  The thing is gargantuan now.  What’s even crazier, it’s that I’m a few weeks  😳 behind.  No excuses but you know … I’ve been having some life curve balls.  I want to be fully caught up by the end of this month so I decided to measure it according to the size of my bed.  Errrr … lemme show you my problem …

Mood Blanket 2014

It’s not much further on from the last time you saw it in February but that right there is my problem.  I’m eight weeks behind and the square is almost off the sides of my bed.  If I add another 32 rounds to this it definitely will be.  In the long term, we have 38 more weeks in the year.  If I multiply 38 * 4, I get an additional 152 rounds on this blanket.  Which means that it would be trailing on the floor around my bed as opposed to being the comfy blanket / spread I envisioned if I keep making it in it’s current style.  In other words — it’ll be toooooooo big.   Too big to be practical and too big to even wash in the largest washing machine in my building’s laundry room.  So what’s a girl to do?  I kinda know already what I want to do, but I need your help.


*cue music and insert poll*

Obviously, the last option is a joke … but the other three are viable ones.

Like I said, I kinda know what I want to do but it’ll mean so very much to me if you can help me out.  I think I set the poll to allow comments so feel free to offer up other suggestions if you think of any.

In other news, my Flax sweater.  Oh dear God in Heaven!  When I’m done this sweater, I’ll be wearing it!  Even if it’s summer.  The swatching is adding grey hairs to my head and I just can’t!  😀   So what had happened was … I swatched this thing … again … for the third time.   This time I went down a needle size.  And guess what?  The unblocked gauge is off by gazillions.  Okay … slight exaggeration … but my unblocked swatch is 17.5 stitches, 26 rows over 4 inches instead of 18 stitches, 22 rows over 4 inches.  I’m just waiting on the swatch to dry to see what kind of mods to make.   Sweater making divas, I need you when I come back with that blocked swatch okay?  Please and thank you.  😛

To cheer myself up … no, that’s a lie.  Because of my love for all colours bright and beautiful, I succumbed (I was weak Opal  😀 ) to magnificence of Knitpicks Stroll Neon sock yarn.  Yes … I did.  I got these:

Neon Gems

I picked myself up some eye searing neon.  Now I’m off to pick up where I left off with socks since I frogged this one:

First Sock

Yep.  I’m off to grab those 9 inch needles and finally finish my first pair of socks in screaming neon blue — aka  Razzleberry!   I feel some subway knitting coming on.

That’s all folks!  Nothing else to see yet!  😛  I look forward to your responses re my blanket.

Toodles.  Hope you’re having a crafty good Spring.  😀