Radio Silence for The Next 26 Days!

Okay … I’m not even exactly sure what to say except … I’m not sure what to say.

I know I said that I was going to start looking for a condo to purchase but I got home from work less than 40 mins. ago to find that my current living situation has in effect, become past tolerable!!!  😦  So I’m out!!!!!   This means that I have 26 days, starting tomorrow,  to give notice to my current management company, pack, find an apt and move by July 1st, 2013.   If I don’t find an apt, I’m putting my stuff in storage and staying with relatives. God Almighty!

If you all pray I’d really appreciate a couple or many (LOLOL) said on my behalf.  My mom always says that sometimes, real change comes from radical movement.  Okay then … if there’s ever a time I need to just throw the plans out the window and MOVE … that time is NOW!!!!!

See you all in a month!