Doily Love

“ole people stuff” … that’s what I used to call doilies.

Pretty, vintage, delicate, lacey, genius … that’s what I call them now.

To Diana and Hildred — my older cousins — who thought I had it in me to be a doily afficianado (like they were).   I’m sorry I laughed and thought y’all were old people (at 26 & 32) … just because I didn’t get what it took to be the type of craftswoman you both were.  But I know now.  It’s amazing what you two cranked out back in the day … both in complexity and size … and to think y’all didn’t even know how to read patterns … you just replicated accurately from looking at the stitches in finished pieces …

Bravo cousins!

This isn’t much, but I’m sure you’ll both be happy to know that I’ve finally … after 25 years … joined you in the doily love.

Cheers! ❤

Doily Love

Pattern: Jute Rug motif from publication “Crocheting for the Home” by Margaret Ramsay and Sondra Miller.  Ravelry notes here

Claiming stashdown Scavenger 2015 challenge letters:

  • D: for delicacy
  • K: for kinship
  • O: for Ornament

See the list here.

What have you all been up to craft-wise? 😀