Crafting & Friendship

Dear Crafty Diary,

In my real life I talk about this woman … alot.   For the past 7 years, she’s been a loyal friend.  She fights to the death for anyone she loves.  She epitomizes the true “ride n die” friend.  She’s fun, quirky, brilliant, talented and … she’s crafty.   She’s the person who taught me to knit, the person who encouraged me to learn crochet, the other person along with my bff Andrea, who encourages me to get back to sewing.   In her mind, there’s nothing crafty that I can’t do and I love that about her.  This essence she has that we can do anything we put our minds to.  To top it off, she’s a wealth of information — crafty and otherwise — and sharing that information is what she does — whether you’re a friend or foe.

My friend Monique is a special woman with immense talent so it was wonderful to share a crafty Saturday yesterday with her.  We talked, drank, laughed, ate, crafted and most importantly connected.  While she started making a project bag for me, I was covering my chairs. 

Between her West Indian non-alcoholic malta, my Bud light, fabric, chairs, yarn, a ball winder, my rickety swift, buying matching project bags from a discount store in my neighborhood, a magic loop lesson, Larry Crowne playing on my TV., tape, West Indian roti (the meal), thread, my sewing machine Violet, music from Raheem DeVaughn, scissors, my staple gun, talking and screaming with laughter, I’d say that we had an excellent Saturday.  😀  The first one, but not the last I hope!!!!

Here’s the proof:

Yeah, yeah … I know, Bud light and scissors shouldn’t go together.  :D.  They did and I … not the Bud light was victorious.

I bought the fabric below a couple about a year and a half ago to make a skirt but figured using it  as upholstery was a better bet and I was right!!!!!  This fabric is absolutely adorable in my living room.  It adds some ethnic flavor without being over the top.  And before anyone says upholstery is hard, trust me, the basic chair with just a cushioned seat is an easy peasy project.  All you need to do is work out how to detach the seat and voila, half the work is done!!!!

I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves.

The dreaded before — ugly beat down suede green.  It was pretty a couple of years ago … I promise —

The gorgeous after:

I love the magic that friendship and crafting creates!!!!!