Calming Coraline

Today was supposed to be craft day!  But instead, a kitchen accident left me with wet cupboards.  Having to move everything out the affected cupboards left me with:


all my cleaning stuff on the floor


and my pots, pans and storage containers all over my craft table.

I’m not going to lie, I was mad as heck!  I mean, steam coming out my ears!  LOLOL!  I can laugh now but I’m telling you … I was steaming!!!!  This was not how I expected to spend my Saturday.  But after I worked out that all I can do now is work through the situation, I went to my new happy place.  My new nirvana.

Yep … while all that mess was going on, I did this:


Three packs of Soaring Strawberry Koolaid, my trusty dye pot, yarn from my stash, Doug E Fresh and the Get Fresh Crew on the radio   =   finding my perfect coral and a happier, calmer me!

That’s what crafting is all about right?  Finding your happy despite … life!  😀

Hope you’re having a wonderful Saturday.  😀