Mic Check: One, Two, One Two …

Hi everyone, it’s been a minute but you all know why.  I have so many updates, so many things that happened while I was going through my housing situation.  While I’ll pass on repeats, I had amazing experiences, got lessons that I wouldn’t forget and had to really grit my teeth on some decisions.  I guess as time goes by, I’ll share some of those things, cause to put it all in one post … you guys will never read anything else I share again!  LOLOL!  Yes … one post will be that long!!  😀

The … errrrrr ….. “short version” of the story is that I’m not moving anymore.  If anyone ever tells you that apt hunting in New York is for warriors, not for the faint of heart — believe them!  If anyone tells you that real estate agents in NY are like mob-bosses — believe them.  I consider myself a tough enough gal with the right amount of cuddly softness.  LOLOL!  When the tough needs to come into play … I bring it!  Not in a harsh way but in an appropriate way.  But let me tell you, trying to move this month, turned into a whole nother type of situation that could not be resolved by any level of toughness.

Get this — every single apt I looked at was listed with certain characteristics. Number of apts that met their listing description = NONE!!!! That’s right! Studios being advertised as one bedrooms. One bedrooms being advertised as having a library/den and being approved for shares that had no extra space or enough closet space for one person. There were “areas” in these studios and one bedrooms containing only a sink and two cupboards above the sink, with stoves that don’t work and fridges that need to be tossed and absolutely NO counter-space being called “kitchens”.  One broker I met with even had the nerve to show me units that people were still living in. When I questioned her about the inaccuracy of the listings, she had the nerve to tell me that someone else was the listing agent and they made a mistake. For all the units?!!! Gedouttahere!!!!!  😛

Then, there were the fees! Even if you see the listing online or in the paper advertised as “by owner”, when you go to the location, a real estate agent is there to open the door for you. You can’t apply for the unit on your own … the application MUST be through the agent. Wait for the kicker … the brokers fees are now 15 – 18% of the annual rent!!!! So an apt costing $1200 (that’s where the studios start) has me paying between $2160 – $2590 to the broker. Close to or more than two times the cost of the unit. Add the first month’s rent and security deposit to that and I was looking at 4600 – 5200 just to secure the apt. Then … add another 700 – 900 to pay movers (don’t have that much family here and my guy friends have been smart and relocated out of state … LOLOL!), I’m looking at $5300 – $6100 to actually move into a $1200 – $1300 unit. And units smaller than mine.

Let me tell you, I had already gotten boxes, informed my management company that I was moving, but God used my building super to come to the rescue. My issue is that although I’m OCD clean/tidy I understand there are hoarders on my floor and the floor below me. To the point where workmen for the management company refuse to go into these units! They have what my mother likes to call “irritants” and those have been coming into my apt. The building super told me on Sunday after we spoke about the predatory rental market to inform management that I’m not leaving anymore but to still take the last week of June off. Since the management company didn’t want me to move, they told him that he and one of the workmen will come in to go through the entire unit with a fine tooth comb. They’re going to gut the kitchen to make sure that there are no holes in the walls, then tile all of that.  Then they’re going to go through each room and make sure that all the baseboards (including those in the closets are intact). Based on what’s out there for rent and the fees associated, I’ll go with that.  Not even having to move my wall of books or my tower of yarn tubs are enough to have me cower at what’s going to go on in the apt next week.  😀  I’m just glad the resolution involves labor not $6100!   It made it even easier to decide when both family members I had the option of staying with had valid mitigating situations that made me staying with them no longer an option.

So my friends, my Plan A which was to look for a condo became Plan B when I decided to move then became Plan A now that I’m not moving again!  LOLOL!  It’s been a crazy roller-coaster ride so I thank you for your prayers and well wishes.

Next stop … home buying!!!! 😀  But in the mean time, cheers to life, great family, lessons, tenacity, care, love, support, friends (online and in real life) and crafts (cause y’all know I had to get my craft on so the situation wouldn’t drive me bonkers)!!!!!  😀

It’s great to be back!  😀