::The Craft Lounge::

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Where ideas of non-yarn craft projects hang out before I get to them.


  1. Sew first pair of pants
  2. Sew vintage dress
  3. Sew beginner shrug/jacket pattern
  4. Sew bag for my yoga mat
  5. Sew Anda (dress from Burdastyle.com)
  6. Sew 2 skirts (any pattern I like)


  1. Original soap mixture 1

  2. Original soap mixture 2

  3. Original soap mixture 3

Body Portions

  1. Whipped Butter

Home Scents

  1. Original Diffuser scent 1
  2. Original Diffuser scent 2
  3. Original Diffuser scent 3


  1. Random DIY project

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