The Birthday Edition: Keep Going …

Today’s my birthday so I thought it would be a great day to really bring my blog back.  I could complain about how life has been in 2019 but it’s not even worth it.  There are things happening that I can’t even give voice to but that’s life.  My goal is to persevere and be grateful regardless of what else is going on.

The other reason I figured I’d start documenting here again is that although I love(d) Instagram, the current silencing of BIPoC (Black Indigenous People of Color) is really getting to me.  The supremacists and racists are getting all kinds of passes on that platform and sometimes it’s just too much to deal with. When social media gets to the point where people’s physical lives are threatened and they have to leave Instagram for the safety of themselves and their families, I’m out.   I’ll fight for and with the pro-social justice warriors but I don’t want to spend whatever time I have fighting with people who are not interested or willing to stop devaluing black and brown bodies in all the ways they do.

The older I get, the more some things become priority and arguing with irrational people is not one of them.  As my mother always says “the very word irrational tells you when to walk away.  You can never have a rational conversation with an irrational mind.” When I type here, document my life and my crafting here, it’s for me. Those who want to engage do so and frankly, this is a space I can control to a higher degree than I can on Instagram.  If no one engages, it’s still for me.

So I’m back here.  In my tiny spot on the net.   Anti-racist, anti-supremacist, anti-capitalist, pro-social justice, inclusive, pro-intentional living, examiner of my own privilege and without a doubt, PRO-craft.  This used to be a primarily a craft blog, now think of it as a mish-mash of my life.  Think of it as the electronic diary of my life — which incidentally is what it started as.  So here on my birthday, I’ve come full circle — well at least with what this blog will serve as.

On the craft front, there’s been nothing but spinning, spinning, spinning.   I don’t think I’ve knit 1 stitch for the year so far — no lie!  With a lot that happened this year, I didn’t have time to sit and think about patterns, it’s been easy to sit at my desk, stand on the train, chill outside waiting for friends or my favorite cousin (Sabs) and spin.  And spin. And spin.

Some of my WIPs include:

These tiddly bits that I made from a neon braid purchased from Mirla Fiber Arts

This is a long term project.  I’m a migraine sufferer and can’t take my meds for the foreseeable future so this project is my stress reducer at work.

This one is a fun spin.  BFl locks carded with merino from my friend Amber Helena   I’m almost done with the last rolag she sent, after that, it’s a wrap on my Andean ply tool then a 2 ply spin.

This one is super special.  My friend Elisa Dallomo sent this spindle to me as a self-care “you got this” gift while I deal with some serious health issues.  The spindle is a pleasure to spin on but the confidence she has that I’ll be fine in the end makes this project even more pleasurable ❤

This project is another one that I’m not rushed about.  In August, I added a mini electric wheel to my fleet of wheels and this spin is just to test out that machine.  With a wheel that small, at the cost of a spindle, there were bound to be some issues.  I don’t mind testing it out at all — the review will come once I’m done the spin and all the recommended hacks.

So yes, I’ve been busy … still spinning/crafting (and working on a secret project 😉 ) despite my absence and quiet in this space.  I’ll wait until next time to tell you about my spindle loving obsession. 😆  Yep … same ole me.  When I jump in, I’m all in!  😆

Hope you’ve been well and I’d love to catch up with you in the comments  ❤

xoxo & keep crafting,



So Nice You Do It Twice …

I’ve been knitting seriously for almost 4 years now and although I’ve enjoyed patterns and projects I’ve never had the urge to cast on the same project immediately after casting off the first finished one … NEVER!!!!   That is until this project, the one I call “So Nice You Do It Twice”.   What’s even more mind boggling people is that this project is a lace project.  Yes, you read that right … I said LACE!!!!!!   I’m so confused by it all, I’m not even going to try to explain how and why this has happened.   Even more, I’m not going to try to explain why after making this project, already starting a second one,  I started a lace shawl and will be starting Umaro by Jared Flood  (for my little cousin who is not so little anymore) as he heads to college in the Fall.  Too many things LACE to wrap my head around!!!!  Since I can’t explain it, I’ll just roll with it! 🙂

Project Details:

  • Name: Lace Rib Hat
  • Designer: Universal Yarn Inc.
  • Yarn: Cascade 220 — Worsted weight in Colourway: Pacific
  • Pattern Review: 5 out of 5 stars.   Lace beginner friendly but interesting enough to keep the experienced knitter engaged.  Both written and charted instructions; it’s a four row pattern repeat over a ten stitch count that’s easy to memorize.  Will recommend and make again (already started hat number 2!).

The dimensions given by the pattern maker for the finished object seemed small to me but the lace rib opens up beautifully and is more stretchy than I thought it would be — it fits my big hair perfectly.   The lace pattern accommodates some errrrr … boo boos … but even a beginner knitter would be able to fudge the stitch count, just make sure that’s not done on the outer edge of the stitch repeat (ask me how I know … LOLOL).

This project was an extremely quick knit.  I started it on my final day of a cruise holiday and finished it by the day I got home.   In worsted weight yarn, I pretty much blazed through this project — it was one of those “just one more repeat” projects, really hard to put down.  Now that it’s done, my biggest decision is which pom pom color works best with it … tell me what you think in the comments!  😉

Rib Lace Beanie


Rib Lace Beanie

All in all, it was a wonderfully quick knit to get my crafty juices flowing again while trying to apartment hunt so I can get away from my new neighbors aka “The Loudest Ratchets Evah!” I’ve lived here for 10 years and they moved in less than 6 months ago 🙄  I guess it’s true what they say “all it takes is one person to mess things up for everybody”.  So in the meantime, as I try to not go nuts while packing and apt hunting, there’s always knitting lace to keep me sane!  😀