2017: Renew

2016 was a doozy for many of us in so many ways and already 2017 is looking like it’s going to be interesting to say the least.   At the beginning of each year I like to pick a word to focus on as I move through the new year and for 2017 that word is renew.  As I reflected on the year past, I realised that there were many things I let slide that I shouldn’t have.  Things like self-care, boundaries, my level of involvement in my community, professional progress, blogging, my spiritual practice,  dreams, crafty goals — you know … all those things which sustain us as an individual.

According to Merriam Webster, the word renew means to:

resume (an activity) after an interruption.

I love the synonyms, especially the highlighted ones:

 resume, return to, take up again, come back to, begin again, start again, restart, recommence

They remind me that as long as there is life, there is the opportunity to resume, restart, recommence a way of life that is beneficial to me and the world I live in on a larger scale.

My wish is that you too find what you need to renew the habits, activities, way of living that sustains you.  Now more than ever,  we need to live in a way that allows us to truly thrive.

Happy new year everyone!  ❤



  1. Beautifully put. Renew is a word that can be meaningful to all of us right now. I found my usually positive spirits adrift at the end of 2016, but looking forward to this new year with it’s blank canvas waiting to be painted. Wishing you all the best in 2017!

    1. And I you. I’m answering this comment today and I think by now we all know that 2017 is shaping up to be another doozy. That in itself should make us more determined to make daily renewal a practice.

  2. I feel like I spent last year really renewing myself after losing my dad. I had to, I felt so drained and like I wasn’t giving myself as much as I had been giving to others. I even took a semester off from teaching because I know I give so much of myself to my students and last year I really needed to give back to myself. So kudos to you for recognizing what you need because some of us don’t ever take the time to focus on ourselves.

    1. Thank you for validating the importance of taking time to renew. I’m not sure why we run away from it the way we do — like it’s some kind of weakness.

  3. so so good. you captured a lot of what i have been feeling. my year ended in a death and it was like all of the holidays and festivities – things that normally recharge (renew) me – completely passed me by. i’m a week late, but i finally feel ready for 2017.

    1. Awwwwww Syd! I’m so very sorry for your loss. I’m glad you’re beginning to feel like your normal self but don’t force yourself to recover too quickly.

  4. Beautiful words, my friend… I feel exactly the same, I felt like some parts of my life were just slipping through my fingers. I want to become more aware of them in 2017. Wish you a beautiful and kind 2017!

    1. I agree, sometimes it really did feel like life was slipping through my fingers. I know that’ll happen again but my goal is that these times are much less this year. Wishing you the same kind of 2017 — beautiful and kind. ❤

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