Experiment In Colour

How does the saying go?  I think it’s “April showers bring May flowers” and boy are we getting showers over here in my neck of the North East woods.  I feel as if winter’s still here.   Dark, gloomy, gray, very wet days have become all too frequent.  Despite what the weather’s like, I’ve decided to enjoy Spring in my choice of colours for the projects I’m working on this week.  I’ve decided to experiment with colour combos and brighten up my dreary days with vibrant colour!

Experiment In Colour

I wasn’t sure if this peach and magenta combo on my Duotone Cowl (original image below) was going to work.

source: original design and colour combo from Orange Flower Yarn (on Ravelry)

I laid them out together one day, looked at them for another 48 hours then decided to take the plunge.  So far so good … I think I like it.  I’m hoping the magenta doesn’t overpower the peach once I get to the second set of repeats where the magenta would be the dominant colour.  This project is another simple one with great teaching opportunities.  In addition to being a colour experiment, I needed to learn crochet provisional cast on since the cowl will be eventually joined using kitchener stitch.  If I didn’t get enough of seaming that way with my first mitten, ha … this project is going to make an expert out of me.  The other technique is making jogless stripes … honestly, it looks messy to me but I was assured that the stitches would smooth out once the project is done and blocked.   The miles of stockinette makes it perfect for what my friend Elisa calls …  Knitflixing (aka watching Netflix while knitting).

The second project is more of a mental experiment in colour.  I would NEVER pick  that shocking green colour as an option for a solid blanket but my little cousin did.  Shown above is the yarn/colour he chose to make the Sutter Mill Cable Throw that he made me promise to make him after he saw my 2014 Mood blanket.  Strangely enough, although the colour is so startlingly bright to me, I have to admit that it’s kinda cheery to work with on those grey days and I can’t wait to see the cables forming.  Here’s the original pattern — one of the four blankets I plan to make this year:

source: LionBrand Studio

I’m making this all together instead of doing 5 stripes then seaming.  It might take a little longer this way but I don’t mind.  I know it will also get heavier the larger it gets but I’ll just have to lay it down while I work on it.  There was NO WAY  I was going to do the five strips individually … NO WAY!!!  😀  I just have to pay attention to where I make the cable crosses since three are to the right and two are to the left.

So?  What are you working on?  Anything fun, bright or using a Spring palette?  Any new techniques?  What’s your favourite jogless stripes method?  Talk to me in the comments!  😀



  1. That lime green blanket is going to be something else, I’m waiting to see it 🙂 I’m working on socks this spring and I’m halfway through my second sock, no SSS this time!

  2. Love your bright colors! I want to knit something as bright as that green! It’s very dark out there still….but the grass is greener and there are robins!

    1. I’m coming over to your e-spot to see if you’ve finally picked your spring project! The weather’s getting better here in my neck of the woods. I hear birds and finally there are buds on the trees outside my apt. Yay!!!

  3. You for sure have an eye for color- that magenta and peach are a fantastic combination. Signs of a true artist to mix those colors!
    How fun will that beautiful cabled blanket be?! Love it.

  4. Oh, I do exactly the same thing when I work with more than one color – lay them down next to each other and watch them every day until I fall in love with colors or decide that there is NO way it is going to work!!! Yours are working out beautifully. Accessories are always a great way to play and experiment with the color!

  5. Oh, your cousin has great taste, I love the blanket.
    I have a few projects on the needles, but this week it’s all about socks and some
    sofa arm covers for a friend. I have been digging in my stash and have some lace weight yarn I want to cast on, but first I am going to finish what I’ve already started…maybe. 😉

    1. Not following my mind to constantly cast on has been an issue for me too … so many projects, so little time!!! 😀 Can’t wait to see the sofa arm covers; when I was a kid we used to have crochet ones.

  6. I JUST finished the Union Station cardigan in crazy bright Madelintosh Neon Peach 🙂 It’s the perfect pick-me-up color for spring. I’m all about color.

    1. I have some of that colourway too! I sold 3 skeins but I still have two … never thought of making a cardigan with it. It’s definitely a pick me up kinda colorway. 😀

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