46/52 ~ Unexpected Kindness

This week was filled with all kinds of unexpected kindnesses.  Reminded me that there are wonderful people, thoughtful people, still left in the world.

  • The week opened with a bus driver who waited for me at the bus stop.  She saw me hurrying across the street with my metro pass-card in hand.  Although they’re not supposed to stop if no-one is getting off or waiting at the bus-stop, she waited for me and I was truly grateful!
  • Another day when I needed to refill my pass-card I had to take a cab to the train station.  I was short $1.00 on the fare but the taxi-driver said that it was okay.   Whew!!!!
  • My co-worker sent me cake through inter-office mail.  Just to say “hi”, “thanks for putting up with us”, “thanks for all you do”.  It was a wonderful, super tasty surprise.
  • T allowing me to get some paperwork for my job notarized without having to pay for it.   Said that was her contribution to the agency for the holidays!   I appreciated her graciousness
  • Two Rav pals sending me lovely messages this week.  One sending by pm a “hope you’re doing well, thinking about you” message and another sending me a surprise handwritten letter that I’ve been carrying around since I got it.  It was heart-warming to receive a hand-written letter; it being from her makes it all the more special.

no act of kindness, no matter how small, is never wasted ~ Aesop


Hope you each had  a wonderful week and cheers for the upcoming one!  Can y’all believe that we have 6 more weeks to go before we say hi to 2014?  Surreal!!!!



  1. Love to hear that people were kind to you. possibly the best part is that you recognize it. I know sometimes I go through a day and forget to look for the kindness that was given to me that day. 🙂

    1. Ain’t it funny how you remember the people who were kind to you …. only after you remember the ones who were not. We need to do it the other way around.

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