I’m not going to complain or gripe about this week — as usual, work was  … interesting!  But, like Steve Harvey reminded us on his radio show this week — just like an engine has to go through “firing” before it’s placed under the hood to make the car run and run well, all the “firing” we go through in life is designed to make us better.  #truth

This week, I’m grateful for all things big and small:

  • Confirmation about a situation I thought I was over-thinking.  Turns out I was on the money about it.
  • My prayer for calm and help was met on Friday when I needed it most.  I had a huge project deadline and the worker who was supposed to help me with it called out sick.  I was alone in the dept with that project and an external audit, but I got both of them done.  Thank God for that!  😀
  • A tasty frozen yogurt from one of the supervisors who thought I needed a treat.
  • Help from another supervisor on Friday for a huge project I needed to complete.
  • These fun, happy shoes below from one of my co-workers!  This was truly a surprise:


  • Realizing that yarn I had did not work with the pattern I thought it could have worked with then being able to trade it with another Raveller for skeins I like better 15 mins.  after I listed mine for trade. #awesometrade
  • Movie Marathon and a lazy Saturday!  Treats from my aunty!  What better way to end a crazy week?!

Hope you all had a wonderful week.  😀

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