This week was an interesting week.   Not in a bad way, just interesting (for lack of a better description).  There have been some signs of change that were small, but concrete.    Although there are some things I’d rather just have go away, these events this week were encouraging to me.  They added impetus for the life changes that I’m working on.  😀   This week, I felt blessed and grateful for:

  • Not having to pay back any monies on my tax returns.  Last year, between federal and state I owed 1K plus dollars.  In 2012, I upped my pre-tax contributions to the limit and that worked in my favor.  So very grateful for not having to owe any this year.
  • Seeing the end of a project I’ve been trying to complete for the last five years.   Between the stalling of executive staff, them losing valuable paperwork, I was just never able to move this project from the “must do” stage.  This week, an email from the vendor, giving me paperwork I need to review was a huge step in the completion of this project.
  • Getting a speedy response from another vendor who I’m trying to work out some additional benefits for for an employee who’s now looking at long-term disability.   This was especially gratifying because I know he needs the benefit but mostly because his current supervisor and my supervisor are looking to “replace” him because he’s exhausted leave time.  I needed to have that application reviewed and accepted by the insurance vendor before they terminate him and it was done!!!!   😀
  • Believe it or not, a health scare this week turned out to be a blessing.  Reminded me that I need to treat myself better.


  • An email from a friend regarding her work situation which motivated me to not be afraid  or too upset about my own current happenings.  It made me remember that no situation (good or bad) is going to last always.
  • An email exchange between me and my play-sister.  It’s been a while since we had a chance to chat like that.  She had me laughing out loud in my office with tears running down my face.   That felt so good.  😀

New Beginning

2 thoughts on “16/52

    • Nicky April 28, 2013 / 10:12 am

      Glad it’s inspirational for you. Thanks so much for visiting! 😀

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