In My Other Life …

I had three children who requested red velvet cupcakes with homemade butter-cream frosting for their friends and teachers for Valentines Day.  😛 

In this life, cupcakes are cooling, waiting for the homemade butter-cream frosting to be packaged in the love bags with some homemade peppermint patties for my co-workers.   The cupcakes were not made from scratch, but I know they’ll enjoy them anyway.  I used the good ole Duncan Hines mix.  I’ll make the frosting from scratch, that should make up for it!  😀  The peppermint patties are currently cooling in the fridge waiting for me to melt the chocolate, dip, then they’ll be finito!

The end.  😛





  1. You made the patties! Sweet! I want to make them again. Your red velvet cupcakes are making my mouth water. I’ve also done the cake mix + homemade frosting combo. Such a time saver and turns out yummy too!

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