Simple Christmas

The month has already began in a haze of activity and the weekend past that was supposed to be restful did not turn out that way.   Today finds me tired, but not cranky — that would have been a horrible combination.  So I’m deciding to STOP, BREATHE, PRIORITIZE, TIME MANAGE, then ACT!   I am determined this year to have and enjoy, a:



For me, that means:

  • Electing 1 day ONLY for commercial Christmas shopping
  • Planning my Christmas day menu in advance.
  • Cooking my meal (since I’m celebrating solo this year) on the Sunday before Christmas.
  • Electing 1 weekend for completing my hand-made gifts
  • Scheduling the remainder of my cleaning and organizing so I have ABSOLUTELY nothing to do but cooking on the weekend before Christmas
  • Starting and ending each day with some of my favourite Christmas music.
  • Saying “NO” to activities that serve to stretch me thin — including last minute requests for cheesecake and other baked goods. 

Christmas for me is the celebration of the birth of Christ.  This year, I’m committing to a restful approach to the season so I don’t neglect the reason for my celebration of it.

What about you? 

4 thoughts on “Simple Christmas

  1. Lisa December 5, 2012 / 10:36 pm

    I will try to stick to one day. I am doing my research now. Plus, I have limited funds, so more thought will go into gifts than monetary value.

    • Nicky December 10, 2012 / 12:04 am

      I agree. That’s also my strategy. I’ve asked the parents of the children I’m gifting and they all requested books and crafty things. Right up my alley!!! 😀

      And that’s the important part isn’t it … the thought over the cost!

  2. Robin December 3, 2012 / 4:45 pm

    Yes! We’re also planning to do our shopping in 1 day. I think that is a big one – so many people in the stores makes me nervous:) That’s the introvert in me(!) Good plans.

    • Nicky December 10, 2012 / 12:02 am

      You and me both with the introverted response to crowded stores. Yesterday morning I went unplanned to a store in my neighbourhood and got almost all of the gifts for children. It was wonderful to go early and shop without the crowd.

      I’m going at the crack of dawn this coming Saturday and that’ll be the ONLY shopping day for me. Books are on the list, for gifts and for myself so that should be a pretty easy in and out the bookstore!

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