What I’ve Been Up To …

I can’t show you!!!!

No, I’m not going mad, I just can’t show.  But I can give you an idea of what it is until I could actually post pics.  What I can tell you is this:

  • It’s my first completed lace project
  • It’s my first project ever using only a chart and not written instructions
  • It’s my first blocking project ever 

Even saying all that is giving too much away (in case my recipient is “casing this joint for clues” … 😀 )  The reason I can’t show you is because it’s part of a swap and I’ve not yet mailed the package to the recipient.   In order to not spoil the surprise … I have to wait until she receives her package before I post pictures of it on my Rav project page and on here.  I know, I know … whomp, whomp.  😦

On another note though, I love swaps.  I love stalking my recipient and so far, I’ve received great swap packages that have totally decimated my years, and years, and years of disgusting, unusable, unloved swap and Secret Santa packages.  Giveaways on the other hand,  I typically don’t enter and that’s because I’ve only ever won one time so far in my lifetime, AND I don’t want to be that person who enters EVERY SINGLE giveaway (don’t go on like you don’t know there are chronic giveaway entrants 😛 ) but never visit the giver’s blog on a regular NON-GIVEAWAY basis.

However, in the spirit of passing the word along and also to spotlight a great resource Hannah at NotYourAverageCrochet is having a giveaway to celebrate the number of followers she’s gotten in the last couple of months.  Like I said, I don’t typically enter giveaways but I did enter this one.   Although I don’t always comment, I visit both her blogs multiple times every week (her crochet projects are to die for).  I love her enthusiasm for yarn crafts and her project ideas from around the web are very inspiring.  She’s one of the first people to follow my own blog (although I haven’t done much in the last couple of months).  She dropped by at a time when I thought only my real-life friends were interested in what I had to say and blog about.  It was very encouraging to know that someone else was interested in what I had to share.  So drop by if you’re a yarnie, hooker or craft-aholic like the rest of us.  Entering her giveaway is very easy!  Even if you don’t win, her blog content is worth the visit … trust me!!!! 

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