Resolutions: 2012

Not going to pontificate on this … here’s my list:

  • to complete the Knitting Superstar program
  • learn to knit continental style
  • to complete my Craftology 2012 list
  • to complete my Knitology 2012 list using only my stash
  • learn to cable
  • master the kitchener seaming technique
  • finish at least on project needing dpns
  • finish at least one pair of socks
  • learn the Magic Loop technique  Completed: 04.22.2012
  • finish at least one hat:    Completed: 01.16.2012
  • finish at least one knitted garment
  • finish at least one pair of mittens
  • finish at least one pair of gloves
  • learn colour-work technique — either fair isle or intarsia

That’s it!!!!   My goal for the new year is as my tagline says “Knit, Craft, Sew!!!!”

See you in 2012!!!!!

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