TWIK: Just because …

I haven’t touched my needles since last week because of my apt leak and I’m getting antsy.  Tonight, I had to get something done so I cast the following project on:

image credit

The original pattern uses Debbie Bliss Como and a size 10mm needle but I’m using the needles required for the yarn I’m using which are half the size.  😳 and the yarn is worsted weight.  Due to the fullness of the pattern, I think using a thinner weight yarn would work better for me.   I’m anticipating having to do seven repeats instead of five so the cowl could fit around my neck but that’s okay, since I’ve already done one repeat in about 30 mins. 

I’m definitely looking forward to getting this done.  😀



    1. I like the pattern because it’s kinda NorthEast funky. 😀

      Malabrigo … what can I say? I didn’t get the obsession with this yarn until I actually got some. Trust me, it’s worth the $$$. I haven’t had a bad experience yet.

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