The Rain Made Me Do It!!!!!

I don’t know what it is, I’m thinking it’s the rain and cooler temps in my city, but whatever it is, I’m sticking to “the rain made me do it”.  😀 

Do what – might be a question.  The answer: knit more.  And because I’m knitting more and am more of a learner than a “completer” 😛 I’ve decided to ditch the Brisbane scarf that I’m making for my former supervisor, learn something new, do something new and tackle “the Hitchhiker”  shawlette instead.  I did the Brisbane pattern already and my fickle behind is not interested right now in a repeat.

So to the Brisbane scarf — “Whomp Whomp”  :P.  Blame it on the rain, cause the rain don’t mind, and the rain don’t care, and I gotta blame it on somefin.  😛 (goes to look for that Mili Vanili video to validate my shenanigans) 😀

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