Fashion Bite …

This weekend was to be the one when I went:

  • Fabric Shopping
  • baked a buckwheat bread and
  • mixed my first batch of whipped shea butter.

A totally creative weekend, gone up in smoke with a visit from none other than Mother Nature.  With the lethargy that accompanies her, I could barely find the energy to clean my house much more do the above.

However, while idling on the innanet, waiting impatiently to fight to the end for my Ebay item of choice, I found this photo on the of Molly Sims in LA.

When “MN” comes to visit, I don’t like to wear anything that restrictive in the waist/stomach area so Molly Sims’ outfit gave me the inspiration I needed for putting together a work outfit for tomorrow.  Instead of red, white and denim, my combo is going to be skirt — brown, green, turquoise, white tank and freshly washed denim jacket.   Accessories would be a white wedge sandals and my vintage-inspired sunglasses.

Putting the outfit together is minimally creative … but it’s something until I get rid of this dratted “guest” … 🙄

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