Red With A Little Grey On The Side

Okay … so this inconsistent blogging is getting on my nerves and it has to stop.   LOLOL!   I’ve been cheating with Instagram; it’s so insta!  😀

Once again I have to say, although I haven’t been posting here, I’ve been crafting.   Crafting has been such a refuge these days while job hunting, it really has been helping me unwind after the daily search.   But let’s get to the projects:

first up is the first cross stitch project I’ve finished.  Maaaan … this thing was a dream.  Once I found my rhythm it was zen.  This piece was made for the front of a card for my friend who’s birthday is on Valentine’s day and she’s also a crafter and a Potterhead.  For those of you who are not Harry Potter fans, the sign is the Deathly Hallows (book 6).

Deathly Hallows Cross Stitch

It didn’t take me long … maybe about 1.5 hours and it was an absolute delight.  It was an internet freebie and it’s certainly piqued my interest in cross stitching.  So much so … errr … let’s just say, I fell down another rabbit hole!  LOLOL!

The next project I’m working on is the ever popular Sockhead Hat by Kelly McClure.   My goal is to finish it is by Saturday.  I’ll show it off then.

Sockhead Hat

How divine is this Madeline Tosh yarn?  Can you believe I almost gave it away?  I tried to sell this so many times, I just couldn’t get rid of it.  I need my head checked right?  It’s just so divine with this pattern.  I can’t wait to finish it, complete with a very large pom pom.  😀

And of course, these days, there’s no crafting for me that doesn’t include dyeing.  I’ve been messing around with natural dyeing and with acid dyes.  So much fun.   For this project, I was shooting for a semi solid grey and I think this works:

The Grey Lady

Meet “The Grey Lady”.   Not sure what she is going to be,  I’m just going to wait for her to tell me.

I thinks that it for now … until next time — happy crafting.  😀

With Love From Brooklyn

Last weekend had a tough start so I took pleasure in hibernating.  Deep, quiet, surrounded by the things which make me feel better.

The first thing I tackled was my WIPs.  Good googly moogly, let’s just say I had a lot!  I decided to store the projects that weren’t working up right in a separate container so I could reclaim the yarn.  Then I went on to packaging the ones I’m going to keep working on and frogging the ones I’ve lost interest in.  The exercise was quite an eye-opener.  I found projects all over the place.  Stuffed in all kinds of containers.  Started but not finished.  Not the way I want to continue crafting (but that right there is another story for another time).

I made sure I got everything out … look ma, I’m not lying:

WIP Stash

I had such success with the projects, I continued on and sorted my tools, then my stitch markers. I ended up finding two missing tape measures in the process.  Took me the entire day but it was worth it.  But I was in good company — a “Murder She Wrote” marathon was what I needed to keep me going.  😀

Sunday brought more hibernation and I started my day with a few of my favourite things:

Hibernation Jan 2015 II

I’m not sure why the world is on such a noisy fast track; quiet, solitude and hibernation always makes me more productive in the aftermath.  Noise has its place, but if we follow seasonal patterns, we’ll acknowledge that there are times when we just need to be still and retreat.

How’s your winter going?  Have you been clearing clutter, enjoying solitude and appreciating the things which bring you joy?  I’d love to know what you’re up to.  Until we talk again,

With love from Brooklyn,

With Love From Brooklyn