It’s the Little Things

Pssst, lemme tell you a secret.  I think I love handmade toys.  I love the look of them and I think they’re great, portable items to practice details and finishing on.  One wonky seam or attachment and the look of the entire project is messy and unfinished.  Since my goal is to work on finishing this year, toys were a natural segue to this goal.   So I started with something small, a little thing.  Meet Ollie.

Ollie The Owl

He’s a small crochet owl I made to replace my raggedy key-chain purse.  I made sure I paid attention to the seaming and the face placement and I’m pleased as punch with the way he turned out.

My Ravelry project notes are here.

You know the feeling you get when you’ve done well and you just can’t stop grinning then want to make all the things?  Well I’ve got it!!!  Onward to the next toy!!!

This post is brought to you by the Scavenger Hunt 2015 alphabet.  By the letters:

  • E — for excavation: the use of deep stash yarn (Ollie was made using some Shine Worsted I bought from KnitPicks in 2011!)
  • I — for inauguration: the something new to you (Ollie’s my first finished toy) &
  • Z — for zoology: something related to animals.  (He’s part of the animal kingdom being an owl and all) 😀

I told y’all that this scavenger hunt will be fun!  😀


It’s Done!!!!

You’ve seen this project so often last year, the only thing I’m going to do now is show you the finished project. 52 weeks, 60 rounds, 2967 yds of yarn, 1120 grams out of my stash, lots of “I can do this, I can do this”, resulted in this beauty to cuddle with whenever I want.  The last couple of rounds were killers but it was all totally worth it.

So here it is, my 2014 Mood Blanket in all its yarny glory:

2014 Crochet Mood Blanket Scraps

2014 Crochet Mood Blanket

FO Mood Blanket 2014

Enuff said … off to go snuggle through these brutal temps under my new baby!!!

Now if I can only get it away from my 14 y.o. cousin ….. 😀