Stash Organization

Yes … like the party animal I am, this is how I’m going to spend my Memorial weekend Saturday — organizing my sizable stash. :oops:  All if it — today only!!! Party over here!!!!!  Wooo Wooo!!!!

For some things, I’m super anal about organization. My friends can attest to this by the number of times per year I destash clothes, bags, accessories and shoes.  Living in a small NY-esque sized apartment, I have to destash often or I’ll become overwhelmed with stuff.  I swear some “stuff” fairies come out at night and procreate one’s stash.  No kidding!!!!

I had a detailed MS Excel spreadsheet with everything in my stash. Had being the operative word.  :( When I say detailed, I’m not joking.  I had everything on there.  Vendor, purchase date, yarn composition, yardage, project potential, cost, the whole nine.  When my computer crashed a few weeks ago, that was one of the documents I lost. Whomp, whomp  :(  So now I’m doing it again.

Goofing off on the internet this morning led me to a great article with fabulous tips for organizing any stash.  It’s amazing … although I’m not a professional organiser, I adhere to all of the stash organisational rules listed in the article on the Lion Brand website.

For my “good” yarn, I store them in huge craft ziploc bags and sealed storage containers.  My huge acrylic stash, I store in a lawyer’s bookshelf.  Bugs only like to eat good yarn … grimmy mongrels.  Ughhh:roll:

So yes folks, that’s what I’m going to do today.  With a long weekend ahead of me,  and my “30 Days of Craft” staring me in the face — uhhh, with me still unprepared — I figure it makes sense for me to dig deep and finally get this done.!!!

Happy Memorial Day everyone!!!  Hope you each have a wonderful weekend, no matter what you do!!!!


2 thoughts on “Stash Organization

  1. I’m sure you’re hiding more than I’m seeing in this photo, right? It all looks lovely, but I must say…
    After viewing your yarn stash, I suddenly don’t feel so guilty about mine. I do believe I should reward myself in some way. Mind drifts to the yummy sock yarn I was feeling yesterday morning. at the LYS. ;)

    • Nicky says:

      ;) what can I say … a la Sesame Street … “I cannot tell a lie, I cut down your cherry tree” … in my case … I cannot tell a lie, I do have a little bit more. :oops:

      That bookshelf holds all my acrylic and my good yarn is currently in an old laundry hamper. I used to feel bad about all the yarn I have, but I don’t anymore and you shouldn’t either. Much of that acrylic stash is stuff that has been gifted — especially when I just started to knit — everybody and their momma had requests. :D There’re worse habits to have in my opinion. :D

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